The Life Project Is CLOSED!

The Life Project is now CLOSED!

TLP is a life-changing community that includes: life advice given through videos and audio podcasts, a 24-hour forum based on our safe, positive community, and much more!

If you want to receive information on The Life Project, make sure to sign up below for text messages and emails! 

We wouldn't want you to miss an opportunity to join next time! Hope to see you in the project! :)

Shhh.. Don't Tell Anyone: 
The Life Project is closed to the public, but YOU stood out to us... 
And we've brought you here for a reason, find out by watching the video below
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Time is running out...
Life Project SALE ends this Saturday at 11:59pm PST.
Have you ever wished school taught you things that actually mattered in life?
Four years ago, we realized something shocking about the world: Schools don’t teach life skills. 

Sure... math, science, english, and history are important…

But what about learning how to fit in and make friends? Or learning how to be confident and how to deal with bullies? Or learning how to defeat sadness and how to be happy?

Don’t those things matter too?

In fact, don’t those things matter WAY MORE than what you learn from a textbook?

I sure think so.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret…

That’s the whole reason why we started social media!

To help you, and everyone like you, learn what really matters in life. And how to enjoy life. Because THAT is what’s important.

And personally, we believe you have an amazing chance HERE to change your life. Which is why we went out of our way to invite you to The Life Project when it's currently closed.

And you don't even have to take OUR word for it…

Click the videos below made by current Life Project members to hear their experiences:
"Honestly, The Life Project has changed me so much..."
"Since the day I found you guys, I haven't stopped smiling..."
"I never really knew what happiness was or felt true happiness for a majority of my life and the moment I found you and Colby and this family you two created, I felt a flutter in my heart and learned what happiness really felt like.

Since the day I found you guys, I haven't stopped smiling... a real smile, not a fake one like I used to put on. You taught me to be happy. To love Onward and Upward... you've made a huge positive impact on my life and I need to thank you so much for that."

-Anonymous Fan
"You guys taught me to love myself and treat 
myself with respect... you changed my life..."

"I cannot stress enough how much The Life Project has made me change in two ways I never thought was possible..." (This video was created by one of The Life Project Members)

We cannot tell you how much this means to us to see our family change in such a positive way.

This is why we do what we do.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from our incredible journey over the past 4 years, it’s that we are in a position to massively impact the lives of the “Sam and Colby Family” in a positive way.

And that’s exactly what we intend to keep doing...
An amazing, supportive online community with incredible life advice… made just for YOU.
The Life Project is all about learning the things they don’t teach you in school. And surrounding yourself with a positive support network. And hanging out with us, and the rest of the Sam and Colby family, of course. :)

With The Life Project you get access to:

1) Incredibly important life skills training including:
- How to cope with sadness and depression
- How to love yourself and find true happiness
- How to stay motivated and achieve your goals
- How to make friends who actually care deeply about you
- How to handle school without getting stressed out or anxious
- And much, much more!

2) Our exclusive, supportive online community: Connect with other Life Project members for support, advice and encouragement. Don’t forget we also provide personal guidance and support… we’ll be available on the forum if you have any questions or just need someone to talk to.

3) NEW!!!! Exclusive Sam and Colby Content: This is our highest-quality advice, ever… and it’s not available anywhere else.

Right when you join The Life Project, you’ll get access to our ENTIRE LIBRARY of life-advice videos and podcasts that are totally exclusive to members of The Life Project. That's right, you get EVERYTHING.

Remember, this is our best advice (along with our craziest never-before-released stories) that isn’t available ANYWHERE else on the internet! In fact, this isn't even available to ANYONE else on the internet.

On top of that, we will be adding videos constantly on topics that YOU request. 

So don’t think of it as “The Life Project,” think of it as…

Because this project is 100% dedicated to you. That’s right, you.
You were there for us when we were nobodies. When we were just a couple of pranksters joking around on Vine. And YOU made our dreams come true. 

Now we have over a BILLION loops on Vine, and millions of followers on our social media accounts...

And it’s all because of YOU!

You’re an essential member of the Sam and Colby family. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for being such an incredibly big part of our lives. 

And now, it’s time for us to return the favor. With The Life Project, we’re going to help you build the life of your dreams step-by-step.

Want to find out if you’re a “fit” for The Life Project? Let’s play a game...

Truth: Have you ever felt like you don’t matter? Like no one cares about you?

I’ll be honest, there was a point in time when I (Colby) felt this way. I felt like my life had no purpose… like nothing I was doing even meant anything. The worst part is... 

I couldn’t talk to anybody about this. 

I want to make sure no one in the Sam and Colby family ever feels this way. And that’s a huge part of our inspiration for The Life Project: we can be there for you to guide you through tough times. 

And, you know, celebrate the good times together, too. :)

Dare: Say one kind thing about yourself out loud, right now. 

Don’t keep reading until you’ve finished this dare. Promise? 

Ok, I’ll give you a second...

That felt good, right? 

Well, here’s the deal: We feel that way about you too... times 100. We think you are amazing, and you should feel this happy EVERY SINGLE DAY. And that’s what’s going to happen once you join The Life Project and start putting our advice into action in your life. 

With our advice and support - and the encouragement of the worldwide The Life Project community - you can’t help but succeed at everything you do. 

Ready to feel amazing every day? 

Truth: Do you keep your thoughts to yourself because you know that your friends and family just won’t understand?

We get it, you’re surrounded by friends and family that mean well… but they just don’t get it. They don’t really understand what you’re going through. 

And until you find someone who really gets you, you feel like you have to keep your emotions and feelings bottled up inside you. 

That’s not healthy - at all. 

Which is why you’re going to LOVE our amazing Life Project community. It’s filled with people just like you. People that get you… understand what you’re going through… and can relate. Here’s the best part: You’re going to fit in without even trying. 

It’s going to feel like you finally found your true “home.”

Once you join The Life Project, you’re going to have access to the entire community -- all of our members -- for advice, support, and encouragement. You’re never going to feel like you’re “going through life all alone” ever again. 

You’ll have direct access to us AND the rest of the community. 

***Dare: Type out a message that you wish you could send directly to us. Pretend that you can ask or tell us ANYTHING. 

You’re not allowed to keep reading until you’ve done this...because we have a special surprise for you!


Okay, now hold onto the message… 

Because when you join The Life Project, you’ll actually be able to post it on our private forum... and you’ll get a personal response directly from us. Seriously - we can’t wait to meet you!
The Life Project is NOT AVAILABLE to the public, but with this SECRET link, 
The Life Project 2.0 costs just $17 a month. That’s it. NO ONE ELSE gets this low price, so don't tell anyone ;)

That's less than 60 cents per day. Less than a few notebooks and pencils. WAY less than a t-shirt or sweatshirt or even a beanie! But this is ONLY because you have been personally invited by us, usually the price is more than 2X this amount.

And if you’re wondering why we had to charge money for The Life Project at all…

This might surprise you, but it’s actually for your own benefit.

Let me explain:

We intentionally made The Life Project an exclusive community to keep out bad influences - you know, like bullies and haters. We didn’t want just anyone to be able to join and potentially ruin the community. 

I’m sure you’ve been part of a community before that had a few bad apples that ruined it, right? 

Well, now that we charge a small fee for joining, it allows us to make sure only the right people get access to our private, Sam and Colby family community.

And in case you’re wondering, the $17 fee covers everything available in The Life Project. There’s nothing else to buy at all.

Ready to officially become a member of the Sam and Colby family? Click the button below to enroll in The Life Project…
I get it, it’s stressful to spend money without being able to “try it out” before you buy it. That’s why we made absolutely sure there’s no risk on your part when you join The Life Project.

We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee which means you have up to 30 days -- a full month -- to try out The Life Project and see how amazing it is! 

We know you’re going to love it, and we know you’re going to see amazing improvements in your life… and if for any reason you change your mind, just send us an email and we’ll rush you back a full refund.

You can enroll in The Life Project right now knowing that there’s absolutely no risk on your part. If you don’t love it, you don’t pay a cent. We call it the “Love It Or Pay Nothing” guarantee… how does that sound?

And now that’s settled, you’ve probably got a lot of questions on your mind. That’s good - because we’ve got answers...
Do I need to have problems like anxiety or depression to benefit from The Life Project?
No, of course not. We cover topics like how to defeat anxiety and depression, but that’s only a small portion of the life advice in The Life Project. And the thing is, anyone can benefit from learning how to deal with sadness… or how to be happy… or how to build true self-confidence. 

This advice is universal and almost anyone can benefit from watching these videos. Remember, this is Your Life Project and there’s guaranteed to be exactly the advice and support you need inside the community.

Have you really helped people in this situation before?
Yes! Just check out those amazing hand-written letters, texts, and messages we get from fans every single week. 

They constantly say things like: 

“the biggest change in my life was you two in all honesty… for the first time in my life, I can smile a real smile without forcing it” 


“you guys taught me how to love myself and treat myself with respect… you changed my life” 

Or even... 

“since the day I found you guys, I haven’t stopped smiling… and it’s a real smile, not a fake one like I used to put on.” 

(Those are real excerpts from actual letters we’ve received from fans.)

Is The Life Project only for girls?
No! The Life Project is open to fact we have a large number of male members who participate in the forum frequently! The advice, community, and everything else included in The Life Project is universal and will be incredibly beneficial for anyone who joins -- girl or boy. Anyone is welcome to join The Life Project.

What can I post on the forum?
The forum is probably the best part about The Life Project, because we can finally get to know you on a personal level. We seriously cannot wait to talk to you! 

For example...

- When you want to get our advice on a problem you have with your friends, parents, or at school... 

- When you want to connect with people who’ve been through the exact same thing you’re going through right now... 

- When you’re feeling bummed out and don’t have anybody to talk to… 

- When you have a question that’s too embarrassing to ask your friends…

You can post it on the forum and get judgement free advice straight from us. 

Seriously - you can always count on our community to be there for you, no matter WHAT you need to talk about.

What happens after I sign up?
Once you enroll in The Life Project, you’ll set up an account and have instant access to our full Library of content and unlimited access to the online community.

Got a question we didn't answer? 
Listen - The Life Project is for every single person out there who’s ever felt a little lonely, or unsure of themselves, or unhappy with their lives. 

This is for anybody who’s ever wished that they had somebody that they could actually talk to. This is for anybody who wants their life to change.

It’s okay if you don’t have everything figured out. It’s okay if you’re sad right now. It’s okay if you’re having a hard time.

Because right now, you have the chance to do something about it. You have the chance to learn and grow and become the person YOU want to be. 

The way I see it, you have two choices:

1) You can decide to make today -- right here, right now -- the day you take a massive step forward in life.

2) Or you can decide to let this amazing opportunity pass you by.

It’s totally up to you...

But I have a feeling you’re going to decide to make a change. And when you do, we’re here to support you. That’s our promise to you, because you’re family.

So click the button below and enroll in The Life Project right now.


we chose YOU for a reason. We know that YOU can succeed.

See ya on the inside :)

- Sam and Colby

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